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    Okayama-shi, Okayama
    December, 2013
  • Residential duct cleaning

    Facilities for exhausting to the outside of the building the dirty air in the room, duct, is that “ventilator” and “duct” in particular. Has been established (such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen) where the dirty air and moisture, as smoke occurs. This duct, it will contaminate gradually while being using, ventilation capacity will continue to decline. Duct cleaning service is to restore the ventilation capacity and to clean the ducts dirty. By performing a duct cleaning, we are able to exhaust the dirty air becomes smooth and comfortable air condition in the room.

     When duct-cleaning service is necessary

    It’s a time to not be pulled out moisture in the bath, the smell of the toilet does not disappear, when I thought “ventilated Naa bad,” said the wind like … smoke fills the kitchen, should consider duct cleaning. However, your house of the individual and the duct cleaning apart, expenses will be higher. Therefore, we recommend that management associations have led, and are collectively applied by large-scale repair work.


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