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Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Shogoin branch office

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    Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
    July, 2015
    Target bird
  • Bird stopper net type

    Also attached to the high altitude, such as safety buildings and apartments, there is no problem on the fire. Also, since you do not use, such as chemicals and electricity, safe to humans, birds, and will not be birds entangled in the net. Can be without the need for special tools and technology to secure attachment, is attached to the simple, cost low cost low! Prevents reliably port of entry bird without choosing the shape of the attachment points, workers experienced will be installed in your quickly. material + construction cost included. Feces cleaning, etc., expenses bet. Unlike net of conventional aesthetics, it is not noticeable without a feeling of pressure for the net of black light and thin, it does not compromise the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings. The installation location can be selected from the lineup rich color size, etc., of the mesh. There Disaster In addition, flame-grilled net. It can be mounted in the sense carpenter Sunday without getting noise in the special fixture Bird stopper net type. Nuisance does not take well to residential and nearby neighbor of the apartment. Installation is also fast!

    The net which I used Stainless steel net

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