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Kyoto University Department of agriculture synthesis building

  • Address
    Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
    November, 2014
    Target bird
  • Bird stopper electric oscillation wave type

    It is a bird damage prevention system for generating electrical shock in the ultra-weak current. And repel all birds more reliably, birds does not repel again!

    Wire type

    Energizes mounting a stop stainless steel wire (anchor, screws, adhesive) in it according to the application and place the Lenny bolt with aluminum base bracket. Mounting surface or distorted round, mounting You can easily even in arch shape.

    Forming plastic Specifications

    It is easy specification of only fixed (anchor, screws, adhesive) at the (power supply with tape) ~O over timing plastic. Bird harm measures to the roof parapet that require (gondola equipment Blanco type gondola) temporary construction was impossible until now is now available. It is a fine because of a rope from the top presses structure.


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