To mold-resist printing measures for your home



Cleaning is extremely easy Bathing-basin bathroom. Effect lasts just a sponge without detergent. It is released from mold in the bathroom more than 10 years. Bathtub, washbasin also makes it easier down the dirt such as dross.


With a coating of harmless, there is also oil repellent effect in the kitchen around the human body, need to scrub down with simple cleaning will have no oil stains. Sink around, eliminates the breeding of mold with just a quick rinse off.


Protect your house acid rain, from ultraviolet durability of more than 10 years, roof outer wall. Degradation, discoloration, mold, moss, also prevention, water stain, air pollution, and delivers the barrier effect to salt damage in coastal areas.


Maintain gloss wax is not need; just wipe with a wet cloth, slip even pet, and floor hallway flooring shut out all the dirt by the water repellent effect. No smell and the living environment hygienic would be kept.

By ultraviolet cut, to prevent deterioration and discoloration of indoor sunburn also window glass sash antifouling measures. To prevent the impact on health and beauty by ultraviolet rays in the room at that UV-A, to cut both UV-B.

There are also insect repellent effect of the night. It is effective as the place where dirty toilets and water stain is easily noticeable. Dirt adhering to the inside of the toilet bowl, less likely fell calcified enough to accumulate. Dirt is easier to fall in the coating.