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2016/01/29 Nippon Television news every broadcast

The evasion paint which is epoch-making for bird strike measures is a bird stopper paint type birth. The ultraviolet rays which a smell and the bird to hate of the ­ bird hate are equivalent to every bird in an ingredient emitting light. Besides, the long-term effect lasts because I am shut in in micro­ capsule. Because it does not conflict with it, I can apply ­ to the airport runway directly.                                Airport bird damage countermeasure paint drawing is here


バードストライク画像英語Available up to birds of prey to large birds! OK just paint! It can bird so as not to come from the new buildings! Moreover, the effect of a long period of time! Secret is…

Birds flying preventiontrademark registration

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  • ☆Effect guarantee responsibility construction☆

    ◎The type prevent to fly use the repellent paint, this type of bird harm measures is  environmentally friendly


    ※It becomes colorless and transparent if it becomes dry
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  • An environment-friendly evasion ingredient
  • It is excellent for weather resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance
  • There is no corrosion of the coated surface, dries fast
  • Hassle of only dry and painted
  • Low cost!
  • Effect for a long time!(Micro bead)
  • Colorless and transparent ※ pale yellow
  • Not greasy!
  • Ultraviolet-rays issue ingredient combination
One of the secrets is trapped in microcapsules part of the repellent component! Click here for the structure drawing

A bird stopper paint type is an environment-friendly evasion paint for the measure against bird damage.
The ingredient is using oil and synthetic perfume which were squeezed out of fruit, and it is not using toxic substances, such as a heavy metal.
Moreover, when ultraviolet rays hit, the ingredient which emits the color which a bird dislikes was also blended, and the measure from a little bird to large-sized Raptores was attained.
Birds do not worry of falling off due to vibration loosening and strong winds in the station building home high-speed trains such as the wire type and pin holder passes. Moreover, there is no pollution of the second because it is not a material that was sticky, such as in the prior art. It does not impair the aesthetics because it is colorless and transparent if it become dry(such as attached to the adhesion of dust here and there, the repellents with the feet). Long-term effect will persist. Repellent component is confined to the micro-beads; it has become a mechanism component that exits cracking little by little it are.

Where can be used

Important pinholder, buildings and all, effect and aesthetics of the renovation and new construction at the time when new construction home on each station building and private railway JR. Ideal for high-speed rail in particular. In addition, I can also accommodate to the Bird Strike! Please paint airfield, to the runway directly



Such a thing … penholders and wire net, you do not need anymore!

Bird stopper paint type construction results

Example of installation

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    It can apply all over the place
  • afterimage111
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    ▲Railway related
  • afterP1010315





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