Bird stopper pin type SUS (stainless steel base)





The strong by far of the rain and sunlight!
 SUS pin new appearance, stainless steel-based all weather!
Omissions and degradation would not be seen because of plastic made!

Birds landing preventiontrademark registration

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  • ☆Effect guarantee responsibility construction☆

    ◎The pin is friendly to bird because it does not stuck the bird

    b_P4280011≪Bird stopper SUS pin type≫
     Stainless steel base
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  • There are a reliable effect on bird dove, crow, duck, and gull.
  • A W-type of pin is friendly to birds instead of hurting birds.
  • Not spoiling the aesthetics of the building because it is pin of stainless simple, there is no discomfort.
  • 。We’re using the all-stainless steel material; can be used for a long period of time without deterioration.
  • This is useful because it can be installed on top of a variety of materials stone, tile, wood, and metal.
  • Running cost is super cheap since maintenance is free.
  • It can also be used to prevent intrusion of stray cats.
  • As for the pin, as for 0.6 millimeters of 1.3 φ pedestals, the durability is number one.

The place where can be used

Such as billboards and neon. Sign all building structures such as eaves and. Equipment roof structure, such as a steel beam protruding parts such as draining and. Parapet wall of the balcony or veranda, beams and eaves, such as pipes and pipe, arcade etc. Available salt damage, in the coastal areas is essential in particular.

Bird stopper pin type SUS (stainless steel base) construction results

設置例Example of installation

  • beforeP1010242
    ▲Tochigi City Hall
  • afterP1010240





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