Bird stopper chain type (4500G)


It does not repel the birds with biological magnet (magnetite) to generate a magnetic field of the tunnel!

Birds flying preventiontrademark registration

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  • ☆Effect guarantee responsibility construction☆

    ◎The type you want to create a tunnel of the magnetic field, birds so as not to come flying in the range


    Mechanism that sharp magnetic source from sphere in the middle
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  • It is effective in birds you have pigeons, crows, ducks, gulls, etc., biological magnet (magnetite).
  • High power of 4500 gauss powerful magnetic force, I lasted a long time the effect.
  • Rather than interference of radio or television equipment, it is harmless to the human body.
  • Because it does not kill birds, do not have any complaints from bird fancier.
  • There is no discomfort in small and simple in shape, yet painted to match the color of the various outer walls is now possible
  • It does not turn off! Stainless wire coating also enhanced 1.2 mm. (Black, white, gray, clear, blue, red, wine red)
  • There is no fall off does not fall because it is not a! Adhesion with. It will secure the wire firmly with a strong magnetic force of the body itself. Experience the power of magnetic force.

Where can be used

Apartment, general building, housing, schools, hospitals, shrines and temples, factories, warehouses, plant equipment, station building, platform, arcade mall, distribution centers, and various stadium. etc ….。
Parapet or railing of a balcony or veranda. Draining portion and protruding parts of the windows and walls, each section steel beam or beams, structures and plumbing pipe, billboards and neon signs, electric lighting equipment, construction of all building equipment and other structures under the eaves and roof. etc ….

Bird stopper chain type (4500G) construction results

Example of installation

  • beforeg02
    ▲Kyocera Dome (formerly Osaka Dome)
     Since simple shape is small,
     It does not impair the landscape.
  • afterg03
  • beforeg04
    ▲Italy, Milan certain flour mill
  • afterg05
    State after construction
  • beforeP7013612
    ▲Shopping Center (Osaka)
  • afterP7013606


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