The damage caused by foraging birds(bird damage)

Farming area

(Rice and Wheat, vegetables, beans, etc.) is a crop of the rural areas, (citrus, peaches, apples, pears, and grapes) damage most prominent in the foraging of birds (mainly orchards) is, in the orchard, especially it is possible that also extends to the production rate of damage.(bird damage)


Damage caused by black-headed gulls and gulls that foraging buds of seaweed that aquaculture at sea.(bird damage)

Fish farms in the river upstream

Damage of fry in the fish farm that takes place upstream of the river.(bird damage)

Cherry blossom viewing spot

When I was a spring, in order to foraging seaweed and buds of trees, some places, as like Cherry Blossom Festival, Fuji festival, such as can not be without flowering has occurred.(bird damage)