Antifungal and antibacterial system


Air conditioning and health management system in Osaka Winton is hygienic maintenance services to the pillars of the work four “air-conditioner cleaning”, “air conditioning duct cleaning”, “eradication” and “antimicrobial coating”.


Pollution of air conditioning equipment will be the cause of product contamination!

The sanitary manner of chemical factory and food factory should be managed. However actually the air over there is not security Pollution of air conditioning equipment will lead to pollution of the air in the plant. Pollution of air is caused of contamination or pollution of the product. In other words, pollution of air conditioning equipment,’s a serious risk for food factory, pharmaceutical factory. In order to reduce as much as possible this risk, it is necessary to manage hygienically air conditioning equipment.
Keep the clean air conditioning inside, to clean the air supplied to the factory, air conditioning and health management system of Osaka Winton that pillar cleaning, disinfecting antibacterial coating of cleaning and air-conditioning duct of air conditioner products as to reduce the risk of such contamination or pollution.

Representatives of the dirt of air conditioning equipment inside are microbial and dust.

Dust is some thing that came from outside the building, have occurred in the room, occurred in the air conditioning inside. Microorganisms, some things that bacteria (bacteria), fungi in (mold), which came from outside the building, grown indoors, mainly grown in the air conditioning inside. Dust, microorganisms removed by the filter to some extent, dust, microorganisms that occur after it has passed through the filter and dust, microorganisms through the filter, the balloon into the room to ride air conditioning.

wintsany_02a_photo01              wintsany_02a_photo02               wintsany_02a_photo03

     Dust of the duct                              Mold                                     Mold of outlet

Dist that does not matter in the general environment,however it is a big risk that can not be overlooked in the food factories and chemical plants


Dust also microorganisms, rarely can become a big problem in the general environment.However, it is one of the serious risk in the food factories and chemical plants.Production line, raw materials storage location, product storage location air is present everywhere. This means that microorganisms and dust contained in the air as well, everywhere. The cause of the contamination and pollution of the product,dust and microorganisms such, has become a major risk factor for food factory,pharmaceutical factory.

The air conditioning inside will become clean after cleaning



Clean as well as cleaning of the air conditioner inside, until the duct is a passage of air. Can be precisely because the leading company in the air conditioning duct cleaning, it is a total health management

A clean stat will be kept as long as possible



Mold will recur as soon as the only cleaning. After you go to ensure drying, disinfecting, and antifungal and antibacterial to every corner in FT400AS is antifungal and antibacterial coating resin of the air conditioning system dedicated for the first time in the world.

T400AS will demonstrate antifouling antibacterial effect cooperation is a key material by [MPC polymer]

Major feature of WintSany is, the use of air conditioning-only coating agent FT400AS the world’s first. The one that was compounded the MPC polymer and fungicide in the resin of the acrylic silicon-based, FT400AS is, in three of the leading Company Japan Wynton of air conditioning duct cleaning Pioneer Finites of health management, and comprehensive chemical manufacturer-day oil, it is a coating agent to be jointly developed.

  • Based, acrylic resin of silicon-based with excellent long-term durability
  • The mixed antibacterial agent having a broad antibacterial spectrum, and offer a variety of microorganisms
  • With antifouling properties and high safety [MPC polymer] is key material